About us

- The Quest for Wellbeing and Peace of Mind - The blessings we want to share with you come from our own journey in search of physical wellbeing and peace of mind. You could almost describe it as a pilgrimage, beginning with a desire for physical strength, followed by the pursuit of flexibility. Then came the goal of overall health, but ultimately we found peace of mind in combination with optimal functioning of the body's internal mechanisms. The story begins when we were teenagers. We felt physically weak, and we thought that by strengthening our muscles alone, we could be both powerful and healthy. So we put ourselves through an intensive course of weight-training in combination with martial arts and gymnastics. Well, we certainly managed to build up our muscles, but at the same time we felt very achy and stiff in our muscle tendons, even in our spine and joints. We asked ourselves: why do we feel so stiff and tight when we are doing all this dynamic activity all day? And why were we getting all these pulls and strains from our martial-arts work? We thought that only people with sedentary lifestyles experience such symptoms. Surely, by contrast, we should feel great. But this was not the case. The next stage was intensive research into muscle function, which led us to realize that muscles and tendons can become tight, stiff, and achy from TOO MUCH physical exercise! We discovered that we were missing something very important in our quest: flexibility. So we started stretching our bodies for 15 minutes after each workout. However, we were still stiff and in pain. Then we tried stretching before AND after our workouts. Still, we experienced negligible improvement. We then started studying how dancers work. Maybe they knew how to stretch the body more effectively. We observed dance classes, and we saw some very flexible dancers. After their class, they stretched for only 10 minutes. How could this be? We asked one of the dancers how she got such great flexibility from stretching only 10 minutes after class. She replied: "I am genetically flexible. I don’t know how I became flexible. I’ve been like this ever since I can remember." This led us to yet another realization: we were not genetically flexible, so there must be another way to develop flexibility for ourselves. We started looking for classes targeting this, but there were none, so we developed our own methods to obtain maximum flexibility. After much effort and many hours of training, we devised a unique training system focused on developing length and flexibility in the body, and we attained the physical results we were looking for. At the same time, we noticed incredible benefits for our martial arts and gymnastics. All our stiffness, tightness, and pain went away, including the upper- and lower-back aches we used to have. Our joints were rotating easily and free of pain, and we felt by now that we had achieved a very good physical state. But still, we weren't fully satisfied. Just being physically strong and flexible did not bring us the peace of mind we were looking for, and even though our health improved dramatically, we still didn’t experience a complete sense of security, either in body or in mind. And so began the next phase of our journey, looking for mental balance and stability. We started practicing exercises for concentration, such as meditation. This in turn meant addressing any disturbances to the mind and particularly any imbalances in the body that fostered worry or impatience. This was the last piece of the puzzle. We began to experiment with different kinds of herbal regimens to strengthen and purify our internal organs, based on the understanding that impaired function of internal organs would disrupt the processes of the mind too. We tested many different herbal substances, and we started to become in tune with our bodies and to experience solid, lasting, and stable health. From that foundation, working from the inside out, we could rebuild a complete sense of balance and security. Calmness and peace of mind came to us, along with the ability to reach our maximum potential in both physical and mental activities. We are experiencing the twin joys of meditation and concentration on the one hand and sustainable health on the other. It is a truly wonderful experience.Having reached this milestone in our lives, we want to share the fruits of our quest with you. We are confident that we can offer knowledge that is both accurate and unique because we have invested so much of our lives in seeking the best path. We want to offer our help, especially in achieving an optimal blend of herbal formula for your body and, above all, for your peace of mind.