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General Anti Stress Beginner Level Video mp4

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In everyday life while performing different activities we accumulate tensions in our human system. Because of that we often feel drained and exhausted. There are many methods to relieve our system from stress and tension. One of them is by stretching the muscles. Let us examine how by stretching the muscles we can eliminate the uncomfortable feeling. By stretching the muscles we don\'t achieve only flexibility, we also provoke stimulation to so called preceptors, which indirectly act upon the central nervous system. It in turn has good effects upon the sympathetic nervous system. For example, the region of the solar plexus is often overwhelmed by perpetual spasms, caused by the constant anxiety that arises from the hyperactive lives we lead. Through the stretching of the abdomen this region becomes decongestant. Some of the postures (especially the inverted ones) act upon the cervical section of the spinal column, where the network of nerves, especially prolific in this region, is freed, toned up, and generally revived. The substantial increase in the supply of blood to the brain under gentle pressure irrigates it, ridding it of the vascular spasms that are so often responsible for headaches today. So having that in mind and performing some stretching we eliminate big portion of the tension in our body, which leads to great lightness and good feeling. And that is why we created the Anti-stress system which is very easy to follow. By practicing it regularly you can enjoy daily life without the negative effects of stress. The \'Anti-Stress System\' is easy to follow and it does not require any prior experience. We suggest you practice the routine twice a week. The length of the Video is 56 min. Language English.